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Do you want to get rich quickly? Be a space gardener! Fight monster, befriend your plants, invest in local business, and soon you will be swimming in money!

But beware! Make sure your plants are happy, or else you will lose your one and only spaceship.

Sing along to the choir in the trailer!
Your outer space~
Garden place~
Herbaceous, spacious, strange trips in spaceships~
Your garden in space~

About the project:

Space Garden is a visual novel, rhythm game trailer created for 2021 #HypeJam game jam, by these wonderful people:

  • Tania Pavlisak , Environmental Artist, Project Manager
    [Linktree] [Twitter] [Instagram] 
    Tools: Clip Studio Paint, PureRef, Lazy Nezumi, Google Docs.
  • Steven Denisevicz, Animator, VFX and Video Editing 
    Tools: After Effects, Premiere Pro
  • Rosko Vair, Music Composer, Audio Producer
    Tools: GarageBand, Pro Tools.
  • Andres Felipe Gomez M, Music Composer, Audio Producer
    Tools: Reaper, Pro Tools.
  • Louise TollisenUI & Logo Designer, Voice Actor
    [Twitter] [Instagram] [Itch.io]
    Tools: Adobe Illustrator
  • Soreiany Khong, Character & Creature Artist
    Tools: Medibang Paint Pro.
  • XCompWiz, Vocalist
    Tools: Audacity, Blue Yeti Pro
  • Nicole Yazmin, Vocalist
    [Portfolio] [Instagram]
    Tools: Logic, Focusrite 18i8, Shure SM58

For our short Spotify teaser on Discord, special thanks to:

At this time, the game does not actually exist. It is merely a trailer, since #HypeJam is all about creating game trailer. However, you can download some background images used in the production of this trailer. You can use it for wallpaper, or as asset for your own project.


SpaceGarden_wallpapers.zip 6 MB

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